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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my page. I'm Spy, or Copper if you prefer. I'm a student studying English Education, and enjoy drawing and writing in my free time. Feel free to check out my gallery, and don't hesitate to leave a comment or drop me a note if you want to chat! :heart:


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(more to be added as I go)

Mary Sue Test - Serpent

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 25, 2017, 1:21 PM
Not sure where I stole this from, but I thought it would be fun lol
Let's try it out for my buttface Serpent:
Displeased by CopperSpy

1) [ ] They are possessed by an angel. 
2) [ ] They are possessed by a demon. (does it count if he basically IS a demon? lol)
3) [ ] They are a werewolf/vampire/faerie.
4) [] They are physically strong.
5) []They have a rare hair/fur color.
6) [x] Their eyes are an unusual color. 
7) [ ] This eye color happens to be red. (Close, they're orange)
8) [ ] Their eyes change color.
9) [ ] They have wings. (He actually used to! But I got rid of them)
10) [ ] They can grow extra body parts/shapeshift. 
11) [x] They are immortal.
12) [ ] [If female.] They have a large breast size. 
13) [x] [If male.] They are very muscular. (Abs for dayssss)
14) [ ] They are very attractive to the opposite gender.
15) [/] They are telekinetic/pyrokinetic/etc. (I mean a little bit)
16) [x] They have a sixth sense/can mind-read/etc. (possesses people)
17) [ ] They have an object of some sort that gives them powers.
18) [ ] They have a special ability/power, but they don't know about it yet.
19) [ ] They were bestowed/cursed with these powers.
20) [ ] They are a healer.
21) [ ] They are from a very rich and royal family. 
22) [ ] They don't know that they are from a very rich/royal background. 
23) [ ] They have lost both of their parents. 
24) [ ] They ran away from home.
25) [ ] Their parents are cruel, uncaring, abusive etc.
26) [ ] They witnessed both of their parent's death.
27) [ ] They are part angel/demon/faerie/some other mythical creature. (Does it count if it's 100%)
28) [ ] They never knew their parents.
29) [ ] They were abused/spoiled as a child. 
30) [ ] They are very attractive to the same gender.
31) [ ] They have lots of friends.
32) [ ]They are cutesy. 
33) [x]They look much younger/older than they really are. (I mean when you're an ancient immortal of course)
34) [ ] They are currently in a relationship
35) [ ] They have lots of morals and declare them a fair bit. (LOL nope)
36) [ ] They have a mental disorder.
37) [ ]They have an emotional disorder.
38) [ ] They struggle to stay sane.
39) [ ] They are a psycho. 
40) [ ] They have multiple personalities. 
41) [x] They are very intelligent. 
42) [ ] They have hallucinations.
43) [ ] They can summon spirits/demons/angels etc. 
44) [ ] They have an unusual/unrealistic pet. 
45) [ ] They have a guardian spirit. 
46) [ ] They have a 'special type' of soul. 
47) [x] Their soul is not the same as them. (His body and mind/soul were split into separate entities)
49) [x] Some part of their body glows. (Eyes)
50) [/] They have a rare/unusual name (I mean I guess)
51) [ ] They were born on an important date, such as New Year's Eve, etc
52) [ ] They have a twin sibling that they were separated from at birth.
53) [ ] They are connected with a certain element.
54) [/] They are connected with a certain animal. (Does his body count)
55) [ ] They always dress like a certain "labels".
56) [ ] They look quite a bit like a character from a popular anime/manga 
57) [ ] They are a race/species that is discriminated/against/misunderstood.
58) [ ] They have a certain power that is misunderstood/feared.
59) [ ] They live/lived on the streets at some point in their lives.
60) [ ] They are hiding from someone/something. 
61) [ ] They have a rare blood type.  
62) [ ] They cry blood.
63) [ ] Certain noises/smells/situations/etc make their powers activate/give them a nervous breakdown. 
64) [x] They are from a different country to where they live. (how about different dimension)
65) [ ] They are very mysterious/dark. 
66) [ ] They are very lively/happy. 
67) [x] Their mood changes a lot/very quickly. 
68) [ ] They are very patient.
69) [ ] They are from a long line of assassins. 
70) [ ] They have a piece of jewelry/clothing that they always wear. (rarely changes earrings?)
71) [ ] They have amnesia. 
72) [x] The have some sort of harmful curse upon them. (Body and mind split apart)
73) [ ] They are involved in some sort of prophecy.
74) [ ]  They are 'the chosen one'.
75) [ ] They have insomnia.

Overall Points : 12.5
Point Reduction :
Take points off your OC's overall score if they fit any of the following statements :
1. [ ] They smoke. (stress smoking)
2. [ ]They are an alcoholic.
3. [ ] They are overweight. 
4. [ ] They are addicted to drugs. 
5. [x] They have a short temper. 
6. [x] They enjoy bullying others. 
7. [x] They do not care much about others.
8. [ ] They are relatively emotionless. 
9. [ ] They have some sort of permanent medical condition.
Total: 3
Final Score : 9.5

>05 _ Anti-Sue: Your character may be a bit on the boring side. Of course, this does depend, but generally if they score that low, it wouldn't hurt to 'spice them up' a bit. [This is where Garret places]
>06-15 _ Balanced Character: If your OC scored around here, then they are probably quite a well-balanced and interesting character. Those scoring in the higher end of this category may be a bit too much though. 
>16-25 _ Borderline Mary-Sue: We have a problem. You need to tone your character down. They are most likely a bit annoying to others, too. 
>26 _ Mary-Sue: Please revise your character... NOW!





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Would you be interested if I did a small art contest? 

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